Samosa patti Wholesale in Aurangabad

Product Name Price
Samosa Patti Sheets Online ₹ 70/ Packet
Frozen Samosa Patti Sheets ₹ 75/ Packet
Chicken Samosa Patti Sheets ₹ 70/ Packet
Samosa Roll Patti ₹ 100/ Packet
Samosa Making Machine ₹ 62,000/ Piece
Samosa Dough Sheets ₹ 800/ Packet

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Product Specification

Packaging Form Packet
Minimum Order Quantity 40 Packet

Note: Size can be customized for bulk orders.

We take great care in ensuring that the Samosa Patti Sheets, Samosa wrappers, and Samosa roll patti online in Kurla we supply are of the highest quality fresh and readymade samosa patti sheets. We use only the freshest ingredients and adhere to strict quality control standards. We also have a team of food safety experts who regularly check and monitor the products to ensure that they meet all safety and hygiene standards.